Building Drinking Water Terminals

About a year ago at the Storage Tanks conference in Rijswijk, Holland I spoke about the long term future of the tankterminal industry. I specifically mentioned that investing in the storage, provision, decontamination and distribution of clean, potable drinking water would be a future trend, not only from a sustainable world' perspective, but also it would make good business sense. The expected yield would be 3000 percent on investment (according the WTO).

Therefore I am herewith launching a new campaign called 'Drinking Water for All' and seek support and participation of all the players in the storage industry and shipping supply chain. I invite Liquid bulk and gas Traders, Storage Terminal Operators, Ship Owners, Governments, NGO's, Financial Institutions, Private Investors, etc. to help us use the existing infrastructure and add fresh / drinking water shore tanks, pipelines, jetties and other needed facilities at or near their terminals to make sure diseases such as Cholera or Dysentery can be avoided, but even more importantly to prevent future armed conflict which in fact would be bad for business.

The storage terminals brand name would be  'Water Terminals',  plain and simple!


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