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Training, reading, learning by feedback

Training, reading, learning by feedback 01 FEB 2019 Share  What is in store for us this year? Can we predict what will happen? Yes we can, and no we can’t would be the right answer. As I wrote some columns ago, when we want to predict the future, we become Cassandras. She was able to foresee what would be happening merely by looking at all the facts, the circumstances, information, capabilities and intentions – but she was inevitably ignored. Our industry can also foresee that its operations and manufacturing systems can be maximally controlled by using ‘all’ information, i.e. by feedback. Training and education is what I do. I have always been very interested in companies and their employees who are somehow unwilling to read and therefore also unwilling to learn. They are making the same errors over and over, because facts are easily forgotten, overlooked or purposefully ignored because they hinder a pre-set goal. Training and constant learning are therefore requisites for any organi…