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HSEQ Success comes from Within

HSEQ SUCCESS COMES FROM WITHIN In a new column, Arend van Campen, manager at Tank Terminal Training, examines the current focus on HSEQ and compliance
This article is published in the June 2018 edition of Tank Storage Magazine When I started my career in the storage and tanker transport world 40 years ago, I worked on a tanker barge in the Netherlands and sailed the Rhine all the way to Basel, Switzerland. We were transporting carcinogen cargoes such as benzene, but also heavy fuel oil or petrol. I remember that in the summer, we worked on deck in just our shorts and walked on flip-flops. I also recall that our chief mate used toluene to clean our fuel oil stained coveralls with a broom, laid out flat on deck. After they were cleaned, we wore them again without any awareness or information that the toxic fumes could harm us. As a 16-year-old boy, I was given a bucket and a paint brush and told to open one of the tank hatches and fill the bucket with benzene directly from the cargo tank. After that,…