maandag 27 augustus 2018

Oil and Gas Terminal Management & Control Training Program


A marine storage terminal is a complex living system. Interaction with all stakeholders is a challenge. Complying to an ever growing number of rules, regulations and guidelines needs a control system which is manageable. We created a new management learning program that focuses on this concept: ‘information reduces uncertainty’ by using systems science. This is a unique approach developed after much research to understand how complex systems behave and generate risk.
Management when focusing on effectivity using technical, economic or operational skills only, does not suffice anymore due to the enormous complexity of responsibilities and uncertainty which is the inability to know everything fully. Uncertainty is a fundamental property of complex systems primarily due to, a large number of elements, high interconnectivity, interdependence, nonlinear interactions and coevolution. Feedback loops during a system’s development make the space of possible future states to the system grow at an exponential rate. Within complex environments, our traditional analytical methods for modelling the future – that depends on probability and statistics – break down. In response you need to invest more in understanding these broader trends. TTT teaches  terminals how to respond and function within a wider range of possible states in order to maintain stability and prosperity.
HSE, knowledge, insight, awareness, skill, control, efficiency, time, to name just a few, are the necessary foundations for tank terminal management and marine operations. It all comes down to be able to control and steer the terminal’s complexity through information feedback.
This highly interactive and practical course will assist bulk liquid marine storage terminals in achieving a competitive advantage by having an effective and well-managed operation. This will ensure your operational processes and workforce perform up to the highest standards and expectations.

Risk Mapping and Sustainable Organisations

We now offer a risk mapping tool that proves that sustainability and balance are in the best interest of both producer and user (client or buyer) and every stakeholder involved.
Our service is to measure and map risks and advise organizations with scientific argumentation to always allow for  ‘relevant' information. It means that stability and long term continuity of a business relation between two or more parties can only be achieved by constantly adjusting course and using updated information. So, if for example information about the danger of a certain chemical product is not disclosed, the organization selling it will become instable and vulnerable as well as the buyer or user. Therefore, it is in both parties mutual benefit to allow that all 'feedback' loops are shared and connected. If a feedback loop (withholding info) is severed on purpose (lying, denial) or from unawareness, a business or political model becomes uncontrollable and unsustainable. This reality applies to everything; politics, business, including the scientific community if it refuses objective and subjective insight. Reality is real and can only flourish within natural boundaries of functionality or as I have coined it ‘Realimiteit; within limits of reality’ . Rules can become guidelines. Only value driven creativity is sustainable. This means that business ethics and corporate social responsibility are just information too which one cannot afford to ignore as they are necessary to steer and maintain a sustainable course.