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Building Drinking Water Terminals

About a year ago at the Storage Tanks conference in Rijswijk, Holland I spoke about the long term future of the tankterminal industry. I specifically mentioned that investing in the storage, provision, decontamination and distribution of clean, potable drinking water would be a future trend, not only from a sustainable world' perspective, but also it would make good business sense. The expected yield would be 3000 percent on investment (according the WTO).

Therefore I am herewith launching a new campaign called 'Drinking Water for All' and seek support and participation of all the players in the storage industry and shipping supply chain. I invite Liquid bulk and gas Traders, Storage Terminal Operators, Ship Owners, Governments, NGO's, Financial Institutions, Private Investors, etc. to help us use the existing infrastructure and add fresh / drinking water shore tanks, pipelines, jetties and other needed facilities at or near their terminals to make sure diseases such a…