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BBS; Behaviour Based Safety Course

Recently we were invited to give our modernised and upgraded BBS course for a client in Saudi-Arabia. We were much suprised that this method of learning was much better received than we had been anticipating. People were taught that behaviour, social circumstance, upbringing, character traits or attitudes are having impact on the safety culture within companies. 80 percent of incidents or accidents are statistically attributed to human behaviour. Because it was designed as a continuous learning process, management and staff were given the tools to use and build a safety culture by shared observation and correction of behaviour.

We would like to show you how the training program has been designed as follows:

Our Behaviour Based Safety and Human Factors Program focuses on the following: 1.Safer work environment 2.Frequency and severity of injuries decreases 3.Safe behaviours increase 4.At Risk behaviours decrease 5.Staff participation in Total Safety Culture increases 6.Reporting of near misses…